Sunday, 9 May 2010

Tea, book, and a laptop

Currently sat with my iphone to my left and a tea and "The Writer's tale: the final chapter" to my right, on the family computer desk. Which for some reason still has the computer sat on it, the computer that stopped working about 3 months ago. Oh, I go on about nonsense.

Today, and well yesterday I have been emailing Sam Donaldson about his episode in the fan series. Can't actually wait to read his script, it is going to be amazing. It set in the 80's and everyone is being brainwashed by music, as the 80's is remembered for its music. The actual idea for the brainwashing was mine, but Sam says it's his. I have had several debates about this with him but he won't take no for an answer. The idea was apparently his. Ah I'll let him have it, it's the least I can do, I've got eight of my own episodes to worry about with having to panic about everyone else's, although that is what I will be doing soon.

Being in control of a who series is one of the weirdest things ever! I mean, I'm almost in control of everything. If I say I want something to be in an episode, it happens. If I want a teddy bear to be eating humans it happens. It's an amazing sense of power. Okay, now I'm sounding silly, but if you had the power to tell people what to put in a "TV" episode, you'd be saying these things.

I keep referring to this as a TV show. It is to some extent, but its going to be put on Youtube, so to some extent it isn't a TV show at all. So, techniqually its a Youtube show. Well, that just sounds, well, stupid.
At the moment, I am currently wrestling with 1.1, 1.2 and 1.8. So I will continue to use the term TV show when explaining the series to people.

1.1 is complete, and I don't need to do anymore to it, but there is a very strong feeling that I need more in it. Maybe the main villain should be explained more. But with a first episode like this, an episode which is based around The Doctor unexpectedly regenerating and not knowing about it, there isn't much room to explain anything else. I've tried my best to explain The Veilman (villain for 1.1), and fit the explination into the script without making it sound to forced in. Hopefully it doesn't seem forced in at all, and flows perfectly. But I won't be able to see that until the first read through of the script, and even then, it won't show properly until the final cut. So this is all a bit panicky now.
It's also a bit panicky trying to get all the other writers to get there ideas sorted. We all need at least a page long synopsis about each of out episodes by the first tone meeting. If they don't then, its all going to be a waste of time and just turn into a read through of my scripts, which would be good. But I want to hear all their ideas in full and then all of us discuss them. Hopefully this happens and we can all be happy.
I sure there will be debates about ideas, but they can be sorted.

Probably going to email Sam again in a moment, notify him about events. And then go to read more of "The Writer's tale: the final Chapter". It is seriously a good book, everyone should read this book. Actually let me rephrase, every fan of Doctor Who should read this book.